Tuot uomu je numa o lakrȋmă
dȋn uokju lu Dumnjedzȋu pikată.
Ka šȋ tuot piku, ja nu ramȋnă
kȋnd aźunźe ȋn carȋnă.

Ma ku alće pikurj ȋnpreonată,
ȋn matka rȋuluj adunată,
faśe un rȋu ku apă ljină
pjatra dȋn stȋanj śe dazljină.

Kă šȋ al măj marje rȋu,
pomȋntu śe osvoje,
dȋntrun struop dȋ pluoaje!


Board for culture

Odbor za kulturu

The mission of the Board for culture is in promoting values of Vlach art, culture and society.

Tends to support preservation of Vlach rich cultural creations.

Organises work on recording folk melodies.

Gives a contribution in affirmation of Vlach music in new world’s genre.

Organises concerts of Vlach music on the territory of Serbia and abroad.

Supports organised meetings of Vlach poets and writers.

In the cooperation with other relevant institutions in the country and abroad organises events which purpose is not only in representation, but also in “living” the Vlach culture in her pure and full expression.

Programs of lectures, workshops, talking, courses, guidance through the exhibitions and projects about Vlach culture, have as a goal the better understanding of it by those who belong to Vlach culture, or are in touch with her, but also for those who are interested in finding out more about Vlach cultural heritage.


Event calendar

There are no upcoming events currently.